Tips for Mindful Living with Your Child

Teaching kids a go, go, go lifestyle does not promote good health.

Dragging kids off to fifty million after school activities isn’t helpful.

Finding one or two activities that your child loves or can learn to love, keeps our children’s nervous systems healthy… which in turn allows healthy nutrients to enter their cells.

Kids really model us, that's for sure!

It's very important to understand that making children do something, especially if they don't want to, creates a disconnect between the two of you. I believe that it's important, as a parent, to inspire them.

When eating a new food, just eat it in front of your kids.

Children are curious and love the concept of ‘new’. If they ask you what you are eating, tell them the name of the food item and resist saying, “Would you like to try it?” Wait for them to ask you!

Also, showing and sharing something new with your children, that you are trying for the first time… for example a certain yoga pose, allows them to witness you floundering and even failing. This keeps them from thinking that everything they do has to be perfect.

In other words, allow them to watch you face a challenge and see what your reactions are to that challenge.

You would be surprised what kids will be tempted to try if they see their parents doing it. I am amazed to see the progress my kids have made with the foods that they didn't like and I just figured they would never like them.

I would invite them to try different foods I ate and they never wanted to try something new. Then one day I was eating in front of them and they both said "Can I try that?" This kept happening. They just wanted to try something that their mom was eating.

That's why I include mindfulness, in my program. I talk about mindfulness with parents so they can be aware of what they are doing and what they are teaching their children.

Kids are watching us all of the time when we don’t even realize they are.


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