Red Light Foods & Green Light Foods

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I love Dr. Bill Sears’ work with the Red Light Foods and Green Light Foods.

He talks about allowing kids to see how they feel after eating something. When it doesn't go real well for them, it’s considered a Red Light food. Parents can use a passive tone and say, “Oh, that seems to be more of a Red Light food for you right now.”  

I teach my kids to be mindful of what they are eating or what they are doing. If they feel uncomfortable or have a feeling that something is out of the norm, I have taught them to let me know. I help them to process what might be going on for them. They seem to need me less and less these days. Isn’t that the job of the parent? Allowing your kids to grow up and become less dependent on you?

The other day, one of my twins was eating cereal and it had milk on it. Right after eating a few bites she said, “Something isn't right with my stomach.” It was organic milk with two percent fat content and she was used to that particular brand of milk. However, she was eating a high-quality cereal that she was trying for the first time.

Everyone’s body is unique, even my IDENTICAL twins are two people with very different food and other preferences, minds, and guts. Even the same person, might at any time, become sensitive to foods to which they were fine eating in the past. The reverse is also possible, kids may be fine eating foods to which they were once sensitive.

Awareness is a great first step!

What are you aware of right now? What is working, what is not working in your life?

With your new awareness, what are your goals for a healthier future for you and your family.

After getting junk food out of my house, I switched to eating clean, wholesome, non-GMO foods.

Right around that same time, I met a gal in a Facebook group. Her name was Eleina. She seemed different from everyone else.

Even though this was a Health group, the others didn’t seem to know what they were talking about and didn’t have any scientific research to backup their recommendations.

Eleina sounded very concerned and knowledgeable about healthy living and someone who I felt I could trust. I will never forget the day I spoke with her on the phone for the first time.

A feeling of hope came over me. I now offer healthy pantry makeovers and supermarket shopping tours. If you would like to chat about that, send me a message via my contact page.

When she introduced me to a U.S. based wellness manufacturer with over 30 years in business and guaranteed the quality of their non-toxic household and other products, I had only one question…

“Where had she been all this time?”

It was as if she had appeared from nowhere, at the same time that I was trying to figure out how to find NON-TOXIC affordable and effective consumer goods for my household. I really felt like my prayers had finally been answered.